Kjersten Gmeiner, MD

Holistic Integrative Primary Care


I would like to help you and your family create optimal health.

Using careful study and a personalized approach, I partner with my patients in many ways.   Here are just a few:

Family Medicine and Primary Care

I believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to have a family doctor. Knowing and treating the whole family makes my job more interesting and gratifying, and makes your life simpler!

I also believe that my ability to help you heal comes from the strength of the relationship we build. Getting to know you and your family helps me understand the context for problems that arise. This takes time, so my appointment times are longer than a typical doctor’s office. Using this time we can explore the root causes of illness and treat those rather than just the symptoms. If the problem is simple, we can use the extra time to invest in your and your family’s future health.

For more information about Family Medicine, see:   http://www.aafp.org/about/the-aafp/family-medicine-specialty.html

Holistic Integrative Medicine

Chronic illness is an imbalance in the complex system that is each individual. Our health is influenced by our lifestyle, heredity, personality, spirituality, and social and physical environments. Only by exploring and addressing all of these can we find the underlying causes of your dis-ease and restore full balance. The tools are many: I prescribe diet, exercise, meditation/prayer, herbs, socialization, supplements, and even pharmaceuticals. I refer to a variety of modalities including conventional specialists, acupuncture, bodywork, craniosacral, and many others. Our work together will involve choosing and trying the right ones for you.

We will be guided by science and intuition, by research and your history.

By supporting the body and mind, rather than fighting disease, we can create health.

My goal is to help you shed your symptoms and medications, gain vitality, and enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing.

Narrative Medicine

If you have a very long-standing and/or complex illness or illnesses, and medical testing has not been helpful at finding a cause, it can help to get the full story of the illness. Only through getting the entire story can we begin to understand the multiple underlying causes. This may take many appointments, but the process of exploration often opens a new healing path.

Call to make an appointment. Together we can make a difference.